Patents and the Creative Process

A natural bi-product of product development and problem-solving is invention; Michael Goldenberg to date has received 50 issued patents with several more pending resulting from projects developed for a variety of clients. Working with Outer Edge Design has a high probability of yielding patentable solutions to industry challenges that can give your products a competitive and strategic edge in the marketplace.

Intellectual Property

Outer Edge has extensive experience with the patenting process, identifying patentable ideas and understanding the challenges posed by the competition’s intellectual property. Let us help you uncover these innovative solutions and guide you through the process of identifying and defining IP opportunities.

Relevant patents can be found at:

Utility Patents

9,583,024 Electronic magnification device
9,424,759 Braille display device and method of constructing same
9,413,973 Multi position handheld electronic magnifier
9,268,141 Desktop electronic magnifier
8,854,441 Electronic magnification device
8,804,031 Multi position handheld electronic magnifier
8,701,267 Method of making a finger sensor package
8,690,576 Braille display device and method of constructing same
8,619,133 Desktop electronic magnifier
8,360,778 Braille cell cap
8,264,598 Multi position handheld electronic magnifier
8,259,222 Portable multi position magnifier camera
8,177,558 Electromechanical tactile Braille cell assembly
8,115,831 Portable multi position magnifier camera
7,929,013 Desktop electronic magnifier
7,775,797 Electromechanical tactile braille cell assembly
7,722,355 Braille cell cap
7,462,034 Braille display assembly
7,410,359 Electromechanical tactile cell assembly
7,367,806 Braille cell cap
7,172,305 Magnifier having slideably mounted camera
7,172,304 Illuminator having forward lighting
6,902,403 Contaminant-tolerant braille pins
6,540,980 Method of detecting endometriosis
6,125,509 Rotation dependent frictional hinge mechanism
6,035,491 Hinge control mechanism for a foldable device
5,848,719 Battery cover latch
5,697,538 Holster for a portable communication device
5,506,378 Impact resistant switch mechanism
5,366,072 Storage pouch and eyeglass neck strap tensioning device
5,363,089 Electronic device having multi-position hinged mechanism
5,303,421 Method and apparatus for coupling straps of a wrist worn device
5,265,275 Selective call receiver having moveable battery contacts
5,245,245 Mass-loaded cantilever vibrator
5,175,873 Water resistant selective call receiver
5,138,518 Method for manufacturing a selective call receiver
5,134,418 Apparatus for sensing the integrity of a wristband antenna
5,113,196 Loop antenna with transmission line feed
5,016,326 Belt clip
4,950,931 Vibrator

Design Patents

D728,656     Video magnifier camera with handle
D709,937     Multi position magnifier camera
D662,121     Portable magnifier camera
D624,107     Hand held multi position magnifier camera
D614,220     Portable multi position magnifier camera
D468,309     Portable computer hard drive
D423,011     Voice pager
D420,663     Communications transceiver
D404,357     Housing for battery charging device
D390,824     Housing for battery charging device
D390,699     Communication product holster