Mechanical Engineering

Need help designing, tooling or manufacturing your product? With over 25 years experience developing award-winning consumer products for clients large and small, Outer Edge can help. From high volume mass-produced products to small quantity vertical market products to proof of concepts prototypes, we have the expertise to help you achieve your goals.

Product Specialties

  • Consumer Products
  • Optical system design
  • Communications Equipment
  • Electronics Packaging
  • Digital Magnification
  • piezo ceramics, sensors, transducers
  • Sports Physiology Equipment
  • Mechanisms
  • Fixtures and Tooling

Areas of Expertise

  • Cad design: PTC Creo II,  SolidWorks
  • FEA
  • Design for Ruggedness, Reliability
  • Ergonomics, Human Factors
  • Product Miniaturization
  • Cost Reduction
  • Quality (6-sigma, SPC, Cp/Cpk)
  • Reliability testing
  • EMI, EMC, ESD, Shielding
  • RF and Antenna integration

Component Expertise

  • Injection Molding an Mold Design
  • Plastic Sheet Thermoforming, Drape Forming
  • Metal Stamping – Progressive Die and Brake-Forming, Deep-draw Forming
  • Metal casting: Aluminum, Magnesium, Zinc, Ferrous Metals
  • Material selection
  • Spring Design: Wire-form , Four Slide
  • Extruded Materials
  • Die Cutting, CNC and Laser Cutting

Mechanical CAD Tools

Outer Edge uses industry standard PTC Creo and Solid Works for modeling 3D CAD databases. These-state-of the-art platforms enable fast and effective generation of 3D part and assembly-level databases for use in visualization, evaluation, specification and manufacturing of our clients products. If you can imagine it, we can render it.

Design Analysis and Simulation

Designs are engineered to meet or exceed customers requirements for performance; Engineering fundamentals guide our designs, FEA tools can be used to validate designs and anticipate pitfalls to minimize risks and delays.

  • Kinematic and Dynamic Evaluation
  • Reliability
  • Ruggedness and Endurance
  • Shock and Impact Resistance
  • Water Resistance
  • Thermal Management
  • Environmental Factors
  • Mold Flow Analysis

ECAD Interface, Import/Export Capabilities

  • ECAD Import to 3D: EMN, EMP IDF file formats
  • 3d files: IGS, STP, Neu, STL
  • 2D files: DWG, DXF

Technical Documentation Services

  • Product Specifications
  • Component Drawings
  • Assembly Drawings
  • Assembly Procedure
  • BOM (Bill Of Materials)
  • Product Renderings

Performance Validation

Outer Edge can advise and assist in product testing and validation as needed.

  • Reliability Testing
  • Ruggedness and Endurance
  • Shock and Impact Resistance, Drop Testing
  • Water Resistance
  • Thermal Management
  • ESD (Electrostatic Discharge)
  • Environmental Factors